Will Drake Respond To Common?

will drake respon to common

If you have been following rap music at all, you may have noticed that there is apparently a “beef” between Common and Drake.  I am not sure what started it, but the first I heard on record was Common taking a shot at Drake on his new track: Sweet.

Drake responded on Rick Ross’s mixtape on the track : Stay Schemin.

Common came back at Drake over that same beat.

Pretty much Anatomy of a Rap Beef 101.

Drake has yet to respond and has left some people wondering if he would. 

WiIl Drake respond to Common?

Well first let me say that the mere idea of this beef is kind of yawn inducing to me.  I know Common was the man who destroyed Ice Cube with “Bitch in Yoo” but that was a different time and a different Common.  Then you have Drake who I like as an artist, but he kind of lacks…well…anything remotely intimidating.

I hope to see Drake respond though.  He has a chance to come back hard and take a lot of steam out his detractors.  Taking the high road in rap beef is fine when you are Jay-Z and some no name is calling you out.  Drake on the other hand is a relative newcomer and is consistently hounded by claims of him being too soft, too detached etc…

What better way to prove people wrong, by coming back and roasting Common?

If you think it is a stretch that Drake could roast Common.  I am not so sure.  This isn’t Bitch in Yoo Common.  This is Electric Circus, Universal Mind Control, Weird ass clothes, gap commercial, BFF’s with Queen Latifah in a movie Common.  There is no LACK of material for Drake.

So, will Drake respond to Common?

Who knows…

He should though, and he should come out guns blazing.  If not, people will always wonder if he was even capable of doing that.

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