Will I Ever Outgrow Rap?

When are you supposed to grow out of liking rap?

I remember all my older cousins making fun of me for listening to it – saying you will laugh at this stuff when you are older.

Welp, I am older…still listening to it.

Even a lot of my friends are getting out of it. I listen to a wide variety of music, but can’t see myself ever not listening to it at least semi-regularly. Rap is WHY I have such broad musical tastes. That is the ultimate benefit of rap music. People complain about all the sampling – but that is what makes Rap unique – not “just stealing from the oldies”.

Rap single handedly introduced me to RnB, soul music, Motown, jazz and even opened my eyes to some classic rock. I grew up near Orangeville – ORANGEVILLE. If I didn’t listen to rap I would never have been introduced to anything except New Country and Old Country.

For the record – new country sucks.

So back to the topic at hand. I am not outgrowing rap any time soon. I am also a fan of new rap, yes *gasp* NEW RAP. When I was super white in high school it was tough to admit to listening to Rap, and it seems like those days are with us again. Even people who are Rap fans will say “Yeah, I only listen to old Rap”

I have friends who complain about how all new rap is the same, how it all sucks, and the subject matter is all about money, and no one has good lyrics. First off – completely untrue, the real gems of Rap may be harder to find – but thankfully we have the internet so no excuses.

Another thing that kills me is that these people had MULTIPLE No Limit and Cash Money Records albums. Oh yeah, Mystikal, Master P, Silk The Shocker and the Hot Boys were widely known for their lyrical prowess and deep social Raps. Get outta here.

Currents dudes like:

  • Lupe
  • Drake
  • Royce The 5’9
  • Crooked I
  • J. Cole
  • Brother Ali
  • Blu
  • ST
  • Big Krit

Can hang with anyone from any generation. The past two years of Rap have actually been a breath of fresh air – with commercial expectations falling – Rap artists have been able to be themselves and make some refreshing music.

Check the Featured Video on my homepage for some fresh current Rap. Sometimes it will be socially conscious and uplifting, and sometimes like tonight – it will be good ol‘ fashioned loud ignant Rap music.

I’m not too old for that yet.

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