Wiz Khalifa: Kush And Orange Juice Review

Alright I got sick of reviewing albums the traditional way.  I am not good talking about specific instruments and I keep finding myself saying the same thing.  That is why I developed my new method of just listening to the album and giving my first thoughts live.  This can include review like comments, but sometimes I may digress.

Today is the latest mixtape from Pittsburgh’s phenom: Wiz Khalifa.  I actually had a video of his on here not too long ago.  This dude is one of the new guys out there making some noise.  So let’s turn on the CD and get going:

1. Waken Baken – This beat really matches the title. Damn catchy though – that slightly off beat horn or whatever it is will def make a fan of the Wake and bakers.  Nice little sing song at the end.

2. Mezmorized – Whoa this instantly made me think of Tribe Called Quest – not sure why.  I guess it is kind of that vive – love movement ish…except less meh. Wiz can flow.  Won’t be playing this around my female friends.

3.  We’re Done
– Haha funny sample – I don’t know what the song is but it is a popular teen thing I know it.  This album is putting me into a good mood.

4. Skit 1
– This just in – skits on rap albums are stupid now.

5. The Statement – Head bobbing now!  This beat sounds like the beats I make in my head.  Like, I bet I could make these noises with my mouth.  Really good though – Wiz got a hell of an ear for beats.  He is ripping this mixtape – effortless flow…sometimes I don’t know whtat that term means..listening to this – it makes sense.

6. Spotlight feat. Killa Kyleon
– Oh snap sounds like a Jay-Z beat – sounds like something Jay would have spit over in 97-98…but then also like something he would spit on in his Neptunes Era.  Oh shit Imaginary Player Jay-Z meets Real Life Excuse Me Miss Player Jay-Z.  No pressure Wiz (that is me talking about the beat for the record NOT Wiz).  Killa Kyleon is nice – always liked that dude.

7. Skit 2
– I just deleted this – someone let me know if it is good.  RIP SKITS!

8. The Kid Frankie
– LOL Wiz going ol school – when these beat dropped I instantly thought 80’s.  Now that it has been on for a minute though – this reminds me of a DJ-Quik beat off of Rhythm-al-sim…even Wiz’s flow- damn.

9. Up – This is another one for the smokers – Wiz is staying with that Kush theme.  This is a good beat – some outspace stuff – hence the title I guess.  Spacey little track to chill out with – won’t be lifting weights to this one.

10. Never Been – Jeru the Damaja meets Oochie Wally is what I thought of when I heard this beat.  Pretty cool beat – whoa another instrument just kicked in – sick. Wiz is just kicking it on this album – like he is standing around talking then break into a rhyme or something.  Seems like all the new Rappers gotta sing…at least it isn’t auto tuned.

11. In The Cut
– Beats are on point this mixtape!  Dude keeps the spacey futuristic beat, but adds enough organic to keep them hip hop.  Prediction: this album will be profiled in High Times.

12. Visions
– Wiz has a good ear for beats that combine soul-like samples and more current sounding production.  The drums on this also bang hard.  Simon Cowell would say this sounds like soething you would hear in a hotel lounge.  Yeah maybe…only if you got your bar tab taken care of and ended up in someone elses room for the night – maybe that kind of lounge.

13. Still Blazin
– Whoa a reggae sample on an album where the subject matter is about as varied as a Cheech and Chong movie…didn’t see that coming.  I can live with this new rapper – singer hybrid trend. Totally.

14. Slim Skit
– I will only listen to this because it is 3+ minutes long so maybe it is a song with skit in the title…right?  No…nope…2 minutes in and it has been a waste.  I think inclusion of skits like this proves that Wiz practices what he preaches.  Oh some singing..too late…welcome to the trash bin.

15. Pedal to the Medal ft. Johnny Juliano
– I can almsot guarantee I will never be  fan of Johnny Juliano – haven’t heard him on the song yet but the name makes me sure of it.  Ohhhh great he is singing with a voicebox.  Next.

16. Good Dank
– Instantly the beat reminds me of Devin the Dude – maybe the title adds to that too. Wiz seems like a cool dude and since it is a mixtape he gets a pass – but all the intro talking is kind of indulgent.  Pretty sleepy song – not sure how this album will end but it seems kind of like a concept.  Are the songs slowing down and fading like someone who has smoked?

17. Skit 3– This is actually skit 4 IMO. Skits in 2010…SKITS.

18. Glass House ft. Curren$y and Big KRIT
– Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Big KRIT!  Thats my guy right there – Curren$y is cool too.  Good little posse track here.  If GIBBS and ST were on here – I’d prolly lose my mind.

19. Outro – Same beat as intro – wish he used it for whole song.

20. Supply –
Bonus track?  Remember when like every album had a bonus track on the CD if you let the final song run?  It was so crazy when you realized it.  I remember this Hayden album I had was the best.  The “secret” song was him explaining how to make the ultimate BLT.  The trick was to put the lettuce between paper towels and leave it in the freezer for a couple minutes.

This is a great mixtape. Not for your kids though.  Great combination of beats and rhymes – and that is pretty much the essence of hip-hop right?

The new version of the MC is very versatile.  The flow is so smooth these days with a lot of the new guys transitioning between singing and rapping pretty seamlessly.  It is like a new crop of male Lauryn Hills are coming out.  Wiz definitely fits this mold (along with guys like B.o.B and Drake)

I will def be checking out his future releases.

  • Killzone2king

    what is the background song in skit 1

  • It is the song from right before it - "We're Done". I am pretty sure it samples Demi Lovato's "Our Time Is Here"

  • young G

    he made me cry when he tossed slim skit!!!!

  • Ari

    i could be wrong, but the sample sounds in "We're Done" kinda sounds like Demi Lavato...

  • Corey Daveon

    This is beyond embarrassing as far as album reviews go. Who are you and who allowed you to rate this album, or any other for that matter? This ignorant ass shit made me depressed. I can't believe that you wasted so much of your time writing this. To any outsider, I couldn't imagine how this would provide ANY significant insight at all. Fuck you, man. Seriously. Fuck you in the face. Repeatedly using wack ass phrases and analogies that nobody else does, making horrible comparisons to other completely irrelevant artists, talking shit about Johnny Juliano?! All while trying to act like you actually know what the fuck you're talking about?!! What the fuck is wrong with you?! You're not clever, you just suck at life. IGNORANT, IGNORANT, IGNORANT! Shame on you.... You have absolutely NO credibility at whatever this is you think you do. You need to kill yourself...ASAP!

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