Wiz Khalifa – Taylor Allderdice

A nice return to form for Wiz Khalifa here.

His major label debut Rolling Papers actually got some decent reviews, but for fans who were introduced to Wiz through his mixtapes like Kush and OJ  it fell short.  I don’t think I have listened to it since the first week it dropped.  I also wonder how often the critics who liked it play it today.

Taylor Allderdice was the first release since that album, and it is much closer to Kush and OJ than Rolling Papers.

It has a great cohesive sound, and you can easily play it from front to back.  The only issues I have with the album are more nitpicking than anything.  For example, having Amber Rose on Never Been Pt. @ instead of Spitta was a glaring mistake when I looked at the track listing.  That said, he pulls the track off, and Amber is no more annoying than any generic sexy female voice on a rap track.

If you are a fan of Wiz – you should def check this out. My fav tracks are: Grinder (prod. Jake One) Number 16 (prod. Dumont) and Blindfolds (prod. Harry Fraud).

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