World’s Best Toilets

Alright weird topic here – but it was a special request andI like giving back to my audience who provides me with a whopping $0.03 cents of Adsense revenue a day.

She requested a look at toilet seats…particularly ones with fake goldfish in them. Apparently novelty toilet seats are all the rage. Me personally, I couldn’t give a shit.

However, when I looked up toilet seats I came across some pretty damn cool toilets in general. I didn’t stay true to my search for JUST toilet seats, but I still think this toilet related post should fit my readers request.

I made sure to only include toilets that people can buy. I could make a post with nothing but Japanese Urinals (seriously) but I want these toilets to be something people can truly aspire to.

1. Aquarium Toilet

Yeah you could get a novelty toilet seat with fake goldfish in it…or you can get the Fish and Flush. The Fish n Flush takes toilets to the next level!

What could be cooler – who wouldn’t love to sit around the bathroom looking at an aquarium. From the site itself:

Fish ‘n Flush fits most two-piece toilets and turns the bathroom into the center of attention with its unique design of an aquarium that wraps itself around a clear inner tank.

The center of attention! Now your bathroom can be the center of attention in your house! Screw kitchen parties lets all pile into the bathroom and look at the aquarium!

Once again right from the site, here is why you should choose Fish n Flush:

•  Maximize Space
•  Entertainment
•  Excitement

Weird, exactly the attributes I was looking for in a toilet!

If you can’t resist any longer –

2.Throne Toilet

Any guy knows that some of our most important decisions are made whilst we sit atop our porcelain throne. The one bummer is that it is just so pedestrian feeling . How can I come up with genius business ideas on the same toilet the regular peons use?

How can I make my toilet into the throne I deserve. Well the good people at Herbeau have got you covered….BAM

Your throne is now a throne! This toilet doesn’t just look kick ass…it is kick ass. It includes such lovely addons as Candle holder and ashtray. To really make you feel like a king, this toilet plays a musical chime of “The Good King Dagobert” when you raise the lid.

All of this can be yours for a measly – $14 123.00! to order yours NOW

3. Incinolet

You ever feel like regular old water just isn’t cutting it in your toilet? Like how can water be enough to cover the unholy mess you just produced? Honestly, sometimes it just can’t.  What can you use that is more effective than water? How about the power of FIRE. Instead of flushing your waste…INCINERATE it.

This toilet uses electric heat to incinerate your human waste. From the Incinolet site:

INCINOLET uses electric heat to reduce human waste (urine, solids, paper) to a small amount of clean ash, which is dumped periodically into the garbage. INCINOLET remains clean because waste never touches the bowl surface. A bowl liner, dropped into the bowl prior to use, captures the waste, then both liner and its content drop into the incinerator chamber when the foot pedal is pushed. You can use INCINOLET at any time-even while it is in cycle.

Perfect! I am sure the smell is just intoxicating!

If you have decided that you are not happy with common water using toilets and are ready to begin burning your shit visit –

Y0u will only be out about 1800 bucks – way cheaper than the throne!

4. TwoDaLoo

How many times have you needed to go to the bathroom but your significant others are already using it? This has probably led to uncountable instances of spousal disagreement. How many marriages have been ruined because one of the members can get through half a Readers Digest before they are done?

Worry no longer…

From the manufacturers website:

The TwoDaLoo is billed as the world’s first toilet two people can use … at the exact same time. It brings couples closer together and conserves our water supply all with one flush. The TwoDaLoo features two side-by-side toilet seats with a modest privacy wall in between. An upgraded version includes a seven inch LCD television and iPod docking station.

An iPod dock? Thank me for saving your marriage.

All for an insignificant $1400.

5. Shit Box

And the award for best name for a toilet goes to…

I wonder can a toilet possibly live up to a great name like this?…..


Finally a cardboard toilet for the transient! Lightweight, transportable and cheap – what more could you want? How about REUSABLE? Yes that is right, a reusable cardboard toilet. What a world we live in.

They even have 3 different versions…the original, a family friendly one without swearing (The Ploo) and a child version.

I guess my one question would be – what do you do with the bag of crap afterward? Oh well for a mere 16 pounds (money not weight of bag o’ crap) who cares about little details!

  • Dutch

    This is another good one. The razor blade / barb wire toilet seat. Only $29.99!!!!

  • Oh haha I saw the twodaloo in MadTV i think and that really made me laugh! :D Personally, If I were to have a unique toilet, I like it to be like a recliner or something haha! The aquarium looks pretty neat, too :)

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