Yeah I Get It – It’s Hot

Alright summer time in Ontario. It can get hot when you are used to 11 months of snow.

I have probably mentioned I am not a fan of the heat in this blog – but I am actually getting more used to it. All it came down to was my attitude really. Yes it is hot but what will complaining and whining get you – cooler? Helllll nah. You will still be hot and now miserable. I just simply suck it up and don’t think about it. It only lasts for so many hours.

I have come to absolutely abhor people who constantly whine about it. I don’t mind when you talk to someone and they mention it. It is a natural thing to talk about. However, people who constantly whine about it drive me crazy.

My Mom for example if you are around her on a hot day she will constantly sigh and say things like “I just can’t take this heat” or “Oh my God Ted it is so hot!” Ya know what? I am fat…if it is hot I know – trust me I KNOW. It doesn’t help at all to hear you whine about it. It is the typical “misery loves company” type of scenario. the heat is bothering them so much that they better make sure you are havng a horrible time as well.

Watching Weather Network won’t help you and minute by minute updates on the length of the heat wave are not needed. Thanks though.

Man that kills me EVEN MORE – people complaining about how it will be hotter two days from now. Thanks for the heads up! I totally figured there would be a snow storm in July. Glad to know I can sweat my ass off twice as much on Thursday.

Why would you even do that to yourself???

I say suck it up. If it is hot it is hot – it will be cool again sometime. It takes some pretty extreme weather/negligence to die from the elements. It is merely an annoyance and like any annoyance you need to just drop it from your mind.

If you are constantly worrying about things that annoy you, when do you have time to think about the things you love?

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